District Service Committee

Alternate District Committee Member (Alt. DCM)

The Alternate DCM is a backup for the regular district committee member. If the latter resigns – or for any reason is unable to serve – the alternate steps in and should be kept up to speed by the DCM on all issues pertaining to the District. See page 16 of the Service Manual.

District Committee Member (DCM)

The DCM’s job is primarily that of two-way communication. The DCM gets reports from the group level through GSRs and through frequent personal contacts with the groups of the District. The DCM helps the Conference Delegate cover an area that the Delegate could not otherwise cover (on a group-by-group basis). For more information, see page 22 of the Service Manual and the pamphlet Your D.C.M.


The Secretary maintains accurate meeting minutes of District business meetings and keeps accurate and up-to-date listings of District officers (GSRs, committee heads, DCM, etc.).


The treasurer is responsible for receiving, dispersing, and reporting on funds on behalf of the District. These revenues are generated by donations from the groups. Funds are dispersed as directed by the District Service Committee.



The Corrections Coordinator facilitates communication between volunteers taking A.A. meetings into the various district correctional facilities.


The Treatment Coordinator facilitates communication between volunteers carrying the message of recovery into District treatment facilities.

Cooperation with the Professional Community

The CPC Committee informs professionals and future professionals about A.A. – what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do. They attempt to establish better communication between A.A.’s and professionals, and to find simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating.

Public Information

The PI Committee carries the message of recovery by informing the general public about the Alcoholics Anonymous program by getting in touch with the media, schools, industry, and other organizations to report on the nature and purpose of A.A. and what it can do for alcoholics.

Web Servant

The Web Servant makes available on the Internet basic information about the District including meeting schedules and district events.


The Hotline Coordinator fields calls from our Hotline Number and distribute/assigns calls to volunteers.

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